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It is time
to export

The situation caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic has limited the leisure and catering sector to the point of almost strangling it.

But wine production continues, with its harvests, its crushing and its ageing in barrels, and all this wine has to be sold, and not just any old wine by selling it off or almost giving it away. There is nothing better than exporting it so that sales are not only maintained, but increased and remain growing and profitable over time.

You need a
sales specialist

And you certainly don’t have the time to dedicate to finding new foreign clients.
I have worked in export and B2B sales developing expansion projects and opening markets in very mature sectors, and I can help you find the market niche where you can position your wines, so with your knowledge of wine and your winery and my commercial experience in international sales we can give your winery the push it needs to start exporting.
I firmly believe that Spanish wines can succeed in other countries because of their quality, personality and original value.

You are looking for someone
with your same values

Organic wines tell a lot about the winery that makes them, like that they are wineries committed to the environment and concerned for nature, and they reflect their commitment to the land, the wines, the life and their wines.
They are wineries that create wines without pesticides or artificial chemical products, and in which they take the utmost care of the production process, from the vine to the bottle, so that the entire value chain is natural and healthy for the environment and for people. Do you feel like that?